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Vert Shock Review

Are you a basketball player looking for ways to increase your vertical jump? Do you know you can increase your vertical jump by 15 inches? If your answers to the above questions are yes, then this article will offer the best vertical jump secrets that you have been looking for. There are many shock programs on the market offering all kinds of hype adverts but none of them can deliver excellent results like the vert shock program.

This shock program was developed by Adam Folker, a respected basketball player of the UC Irvine team. He is a professional player who is currently playing for the Czech Republic. The program is divided into the following contents; exercises sections with videos and quick start guides.

The program is further sub-divided into various sections namely; Pre-shock phase,post-shock phase, and shock phase respectively. Each phase has a specific role to play. Pre-shock phases prepare you psychologically on the exercises you are going to undertake in the coming eight weeks. Shock phases consist of the actual workouts while post-phase is designed to help you recover from the rigorous workouts you have been undertaking. There is no doubt that vert shock is the best program to help you increase your vertical jump in the shortest time possible!