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Male enhancement boosts have been famous nowadays. Given many reasons how it can help the population like helping partners who are having a hard time in conceiving because of the ineffectiveness of the semen and sperm cells to bring about a baby, male enhancement boosts are advised by experts.

From the highly recommended enhancement supplements, we will review VIGRX Plus and Sizegenix in particular.

From the users’ point of view, which is better than the two?

VIGRX has long existed in the market. It brings necessary results that the manufacturer claims about the product. Lately, a more effective product has been manufactured – the VIGRX PLUS. It is said that if you are a fan of VIGRX, it is an even better solution to your manly problems.

SIZEGENIX is a male enhancement supplement that is introduced in the market by Ron Jeremy, a very famous artist in his industry. With that said, the product was liberally accepted by some people although most men have never heard of it. It has just been introduced lately as compared to the VIGRX. But, does the claim of the manufacturer really happen to its users?

This is the data of comparison between VIGRX and SIZEGENIX that would help you decide on which of them will you trust in consideration of the quality of ingredients, effectiveness, side effects and reviews.


VIGRX Plus has Bioperine, Damiana, and Tribulus – that is proven to boost the testosterone leves of the body. Apart from that, it also contains bio extracts such as Epimedemium leaf, Cuscasta seed, Gingko Biloba and many more. Its ingredients are patented by the company exclusively for the use of VIGRX formula making it harder for other supplements to outrun.

SIZEGENIX, on the other hand, only contains Tribulus Terrestris but is guaranteed to be made out of the highest quality and is recommended because of its other benefits in the body.



VIGRX Plus claims results of bigger, harder, and longer lasting erections. It also increases sexual stamina and sex drive to perform more powerful, intense orgasms with no more premature ejaculation and improved confidence plus better sexual health.

SIZEGENIX Company’s claim is to be able to increase the length and circumference of your erections. The website claims that through increased permeability of blood vessels, the ingredients work to reach your penis allowing for a better blood flow thereby resulting to a better erection.


It is said that after a week or two, you begin to see results with the VIGRX Plus. There is a documentary of people being able to increase up to 1.5 inches, but this comes with proper exercise program and an ample amount of dose to be taken for ensured effectiveness.

SIZEGENIX has enlarged groins for it users, but testimonies said that it takes about a month or two. At least it did not disappoint and they didn’t expect that better results.


VIGRX Plus has long been trusted in the market and continues to grow for its effective product. I suggest you take this rather than SIZEGENIX since it has been just introduced and side effects and unknown harmful cases are inevitable.